On-Farm Blending Made Easy

Looking for an easier way to blend feed on the farm?  Look no further.  The Feedlogic P-Series is the industry’s simplest and most efficient continuous blending system.  using Feedlogic’s FeedMeter mass flow sensing technology, the P-Series can automatically adjust the blend rate based on feed flow through a primary feed line.  P-Series integrates with any existing standard flex auger feed delivery system and does not disrupt the normal feed delivery process.

FeedMeter Sensing Technology is used to monitor mass flow of feed through the primary line and adjust the inclusion rate as the flow rate changes.


A Simple Process Which Easily Integrates With Standard Feed Delivery Systems

  • Uses existing feed lines and hopper sensors.
  • Easy to install and manage.
  • Automatically adjusts blending rate as primary line flow rate changes.
  • Full alerting and record keeping features.
  • Completely redundant system – feed will still flow when system is disabled.
  • Can be monitored remotely through a simple webs interface.
  • Wireless networking between components in the system reduces the amount of wiring and connectors.