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Simple, affordable technology for swine production systems.

Solutions Matched to Your Facilities


Blend-on-the-Fly™ Technology

Blends diets automatically to more closely match your animals’ requirements. Only two or three base diets required for entire finishing period.



Feeding on a Curve

FeedSaver helps you avoid overfeeding or underfeeding pigs. It blends two base diets to make frequent small adjustments to the feed mix that more closely matches the pig’s requirements at each stage of growth. We call this “feeding on a curve.”

Automatic Adjustment

Using our NutriSync software, you create a feed curve unique to your pigs before the barn is fi lled. Then you turn on FeedSaver and it automatically adjusts the diet so that pigs “stay on curve” throughout their entire growth.


Fewer Diets

FeedSaver makes feed management simpler by reducing the number of diets that need to be manufactured at the mill. This simplifies the feed ordering and delivery process and reduces the number of errors.



Targeted Treatment

Target diets to specific groups of pigs. Gilts and barrows or lights and heavies can be fed differently. Feed closer to actual requirements and reduce overfeeding and wasted nutrients.

Add Up the Savings

  • Lower feed cost per pound of gain
  • Higher packer bonuses
  • Full ROI in 24 months or less in most barns
  • Call us and start saving today