The FeedSaver M-Series of intelligent feeding systems provides a high level of feeding precision for production systems. It uses an intelligent feed delivery unit and our unique rail system with RFID navigation to load and deliver specific diets to each feeder.

FeedSaverS5The M-Series allows you to follow a feeding program precisely so that your animals grow to maximum potential while saving on feed costs. Wireless connectivity provides remote access to the system for monitoring and even programming system operation.

  • Unique rail-mounted delivery unit
  • Every feeder can receive a different diet
  • Information collected and recorded by feeder
  • Wireless connection to delivery unit
  • Systems can be accessed from anywhere in the world 24/7
  • Nutrition decisions can be made off-site using live data
  • Easy diet selection and adjustment
  • Quick visual indicators of barn conditions
  • Instant reporting
  • Filtering tools to mine data