Apply Micro-Ingredients On-Farm Precisely When You Need Them


  • Improve efficacy of treatment plan
  • Reduce costly waste
  • Apply exactly when needed
  • Apply a precise amount
  • Allows you to use products which are difficult or impossible for a mill to manage
  • Track product usage and real time through MyFarm web service
  • See historic product usage at any time

How It Works

FeedMeter™ sensing technology is used to monitor mass flow of feed through the primary feed line.  Data from the FeedMeter is used by the BlendTronic™ controller to accurately control the micro dispensing system to provide the correct injection rate for the current feed flow.  The Communications Hub provides system performance data to the internet cloud network, where the MyFarm program enables farm workers, production managers, and supply chain partners to access, analyze, and take action on the data.

Key Features:

  • Variable inclusion rates – 0.5-10 lbs/ton.
  • Multiple hopper capacities, flexible mounting options.
  • Uses existing feed lines and hopper sensors.
  • Automatically adjusts the inclusion rate as primary line flow rate changes.
  • Intelligent alerting system alerts you when product is getting low and needs to be replenished.
  • Does not interfere with the primary feed line – feed will flow if the BlendTronic is not in use or disabled.
  • Status and performance data available through the MyFarm web interface.
  • More than one micro can be injected at one time useing separate dispensing hoppers.


Multiple Ways To Collect and Access Your Data Through The Feedlogic MyFarm Network