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Why Choose Feedlogic

  • FeedLogic solutions are designed to provide industry best Return on Investment to the farmer.
  • We know farming. Over a decade of experience designing, building, and selling equipment and software targeted to agricultural production throughout the world.
  • We are innovators. We work hard to understand the challenges of farming and develop new solutions where none previously existed.
  • We are responsive. We recognize that every customer is different and needs solutions suited to their operations.

Featured Product


MultiSense is a new and convenient way for you to monitor multiple sensors in a barn or on a farm.  Connect up to 16 sensors and monitor readings 24/7 through the MyFarm web portal.  Built in capability to send text or e-mail alerts when readings are too high or too low.

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@FarmLogs increases war chest in big way with $22MM round led by South African media group. Hope they spend wisely.

About a year ago from Feedlogic's Twitter via TweetDeck

Feedlogic: Meeting the Challenge

A number of impending challenges facing livestock production worldwide are addressed by Feedlogic technology:
  • Higher Feed Costs – driven by increased demand for grain from use of feedstocks for fuel generation and rising population worldwide. Feedlogic technology reduces feed costs by optimizing nutrient and energy utilization.
  • Lack of Information – poor or non-existent farm-level data makes it difficult for producers to manage production processes effectively. Feedlogic technology provides real-time data that has value to both producers and suppliers participating in the market.
  • Antibiotic Restrictions – the perceived overuse of antibiotics in animal feed has led to restrictions in Europe and pending legislation in the US and other parts of the world. Large producers have already limited or eliminated use of antibiotics in some production flows because their current mill-based mixing process does not provide adequate traceability and farm-level accuracy. Feedlogic technology allows for targeted use of feed-grade antibiotics and stricter compliance with the timing of application. This technology mitigates the impact of current and future restrictions and allows for maximum ROI from antibiotic use.
  • Labor – in many markets, the shrinking pool of qualified labor in production facilities will drive demand for increased automation. Feedlogic provides valuable automation tools and more effective methods to manage processes remotely with fewer staff.
  • Antibiotic Use

Antibiotic Use

  • May 5th, 2015

Tyson – We are striving to eliminate human antibiotics from our […]